Tips to a Less Stressful Buying Experience

Research your desired location and get info on the school district, taxes, HOA, etc. All these will affect resale when the time comes as all. Identify the best home for you and/or your family. In other words, don’t try to predict what the market will do in the future. If your professional thinks he/she canContinue reading “Tips to a Less Stressful Buying Experience”


What Are Your Clients’ Long-Term Objectives? Buyer Mindset – Build Wealth Renter Mindset – Avoid Hassle of Owning How can numbers help you work with clients when discussing buying vs renting?  Use the following example as a potential blueprint:  $200,000 Property; $3000/yr taxes & $1800/yr Insurance; 3bd/2.1bath, 2 car garage, good schools; Basically, desired by buyers and renters. BuyerContinue reading “BUY vs RENT”

Four Reasons a Property Sells

Four reasons a property sells: Price – We (real estate professionals and sellers) can influence price, but ultimately it is a supply and demand outcome. Condition – We (real estate professionals and sellers) can influence condition, based on our expertise and showing feedback. Location – We have no control over location and cannot influence location. WeContinue reading “Four Reasons a Property Sells”


Focus 1:  Leadership Focus 2:  Core Values Focus 3:  Work Life Balance Focus 4:  NEW TEAM MEMBERS We’ll discuss recruiting in more depth later; however, by adding new employees you may be motivating your current employees. You may encounter a cultural challenge in regard to the “piece of the pie” mentality. There are those thatContinue reading “NEW TEAM MEMBERS”


Ten Ways to Address Work Life Balance A consistent promotion of work life balance policies. Positive communication to your employees that it is okay to live a little. Understand needs of employees by sending surveys. What issues prevent employees from balance, therefore limiting production? Set priorities and expectations. Often times an employee works hard (orContinue reading “Addressing WORK LIFE BALANCE”


Perhaps one of the better CORE VALUES I’ve encountered working with dozens of large companies, is Absolute Interdependence. Reece Nichols in Kansas City exposed me to Absolute Interdependence. As a company with 2000 agent partners who are Independent Contractors, it may be a challenge keeping everyone engaged. By employing people who understand the concept ofContinue reading “CORE VALUE – ABSOLUTE INTERDEPENDENCE”

Management vs Leadership

Now, let’s explore some of the differences between management and leadership. One of the best explanations may be found in Warren Bennis’ book “On Becoming a Leader”. The Wall Street Journal had an excerpt from the book in its May 11, 2011 edition. Manager vs Leader “The manager administers; the leader innovates. – The managerContinue reading “Management vs Leadership”