Your Property was Listed and Unsold, Now What?

Your listing has expired and now you are not sure what to do. You’re frustrated, more than likely emotionally and physically drained. What’s next? Now is the time to ask, “Why did your property not sell?”. We have posted before that there are four reasons why property sells: Location Condition Price Marketing Evaluate these factors.Continue reading “Your Property was Listed and Unsold, Now What?”

10 Affirmations of Top Salespeople

I have a commitment to serve others. I am a true professional and act accordingly. I am persistent and learn more from failure than success. People are as content as they want to be. I will constantly improve my business acumen and skill. Think B.I.G: even when confronted with the small-minded. I am never completelyContinue reading “10 Affirmations of Top Salespeople”