Boost Your Appeal – Don’t Curb a Buyer’s Enthusiasm

We’ve posted on curb appeal before, but let’s revisit, now that the spring housing market is upon us…finally!  For those of us who have been busy, it really hasn’t slowed down since about December 2012… Do you have a neighbor that you drive by their house and make a face like you just sucked onContinue reading “Boost Your Appeal – Don’t Curb a Buyer’s Enthusiasm”

Where is All Your Money Going?

Have you ever stopped and looked at your bank account and thought, “Wow, where is all my money going?” Well, friends, join the club. We talk a lot about running your real estate business as a business. This could be real estate, insurance, financial services, medical device sales, Arbonne, Stella & Dot (shout out toContinue reading “Where is All Your Money Going?”