We want to sell, but where will we go?

Now is a great to time to sell your real estate.  Period. With the low real estate inventory, you’re selling high, cashing in on supply and demand, maximizing your ROI, which is terrific.  After you sell your current property, you have to move, somewhere right? Timing a sale with nowhere to go can be frustrating, stressful,Continue reading “We want to sell, but where will we go?”

NEW Real Estate Website!

Check out the NEW http://www.dereksellskc.com website ! No registration needed to search for properties Get immediate response for when you want information on a property View properties COMING SOON and not in a multilist service View all properties in MLS View our Listing Book (by pressing the play button) Research Schools, Neighborhoods, and Communities FinancialContinue reading “NEW Real Estate Website!”