Create an Inviting Guest Room

Make your guest feel special when they are using your guest room as their home away from home. By adding just a few items, your guest room will be as inviting as a nice hotel room. Putting out some essentials such as an alarm clock, towels, bottled water, and flowers are small touches that goContinue reading “Create an Inviting Guest Room”

Seller Moving Tips – #3

Moving Day Moving day will no doubt be an extremely busy time, so create a checklist to ensure all goes smoothly. Consider the following ideas: Pack a personal travel bag containing a small supply of bath supplies, grooming items, change of clothing, etc. and keep it with your during the move. Load immediate needed itemsContinue reading “Seller Moving Tips – #3”

Real Estate Buying Mistakes – #3

Not Selecting the Right Real Estate Agent It’s not likely that you interview very many people. Yet, in order to find a real estate agent who is right for you, consider interviewing several agents. The quality of your home buying experience is largely dependent upon your skill at selecting the best qualified real estate agentContinue reading “Real Estate Buying Mistakes – #3”

Composting at Home

Compost is organic material that can be added to soil that will help plants grow. Food scraps and yard clippings make up to 30% of what we throw away, yet could be composted instead. Having a composting system keeps these materials out of the landfills. All composting requires three basic ingredients: Browns – Materials suchContinue reading “Composting at Home”

A Less Stressful Buying Experience

Research your desired location and get info on the school district, taxes, HOA, etc. All these will affect resale when the time comes as all. Identify the best home for you and/or your family. In other words, don’t try to predict what the market will do in the future. If your professional thinks he/she canContinue reading “A Less Stressful Buying Experience”

Seller Moving Tips – #2

Initial Planning As your move approaches, be sure to keep the following items in mind: Make the appropriate arrangements for power, phone, water, trash, and gas service. If necessary, also call the cable company that will serve your new home to set up installation. Inform credit card companies, magazines to which you subscribe, and otherContinue reading “Seller Moving Tips – #2”

Real Estate Buying Mistakes – #2

Thinking:  “I can’t afford a house.” Many people feel that they cannot afford a home, but affording a home has never been easier! Mortgage rates are more flexible today than in years past, and you may be able to benefit from current tax laws. Homeownership is a durable investment. Although no one can say ifContinue reading “Real Estate Buying Mistakes – #2”

Custom Home Building and Your Custom Experience

Have you considered building a new home? Cardinal Crest Homes and Design may be for you. Cardinal Crest was established in the summer of 2011.  Since then, they have completed many projects and have quickly established their name as a true custom home builder capable of designing and building a wide variety of styles andContinue reading “Custom Home Building and Your Custom Experience”