Real Estate Buying Mistakes – #8

Failing to make your own inspection You probably would not want to rely on the seller to point out defects in a house he is attempting to sell. There may even be hidden problems of which he is unaware. Before you sign a contract and schedule a professional inspection, there are items you can checkContinue reading “Real Estate Buying Mistakes – #8”

Real Estate Buying Mistakes – #7

Not knowing your rights and obligations Real estate law is extensive and complex. The sales contract is a legally binding document between the buyer and seller. An improperly written contract can cause the sale to fall through or cost you thousands of dollars in unexpected repairs, inspections, and remedies for title defects. You must beContinue reading “Real Estate Buying Mistakes – #7”

Seller Moving Tips – #6

Packing Up the House Many of us would enjoy our move more if our houses could pack themselves. Until an incredibly brilliant scientist figures out a way to make that happen, here are some helpful tips: Stock up on packing supplies such as tape, boxes, bubble-wrap, scissors, newspaper, permanent marker and tissue. Pack electronics inContinue reading “Seller Moving Tips – #6”

Real Estate Buying Mistakes – #6

Failing to obtain a home inspection from a qualified inspector A home inspection reports on the visible structural and mechanical condition of the home. After the inspection, you will have the facts you need to make a decision about buying your home. A well-qualified home inspector who has adhered to federal licensing standards can spotContinue reading “Real Estate Buying Mistakes – #6”

Grow Your Business, Impress Your Clients, Be You – Become a Member

Welcome to a Co-working/Collaborative environment that is designed to impress!  Whether you are a small business owner looking for meeting space for client meetings, or a business looking for a fantastic layout for your business, we have you covered. The concept of co-working assists your business in being more mobile and having luxurious space toContinue reading “Grow Your Business, Impress Your Clients, Be You – Become a Member”

Energy Efficient Windows

Whether you are replacing existing windows or building a new home, high-quality, energy efficient windows are worth considering. Here are some tips to consider when installing energy efficient windows: Install high-performance windows, screens and films to protect upholstery, wood and artwork from UV rays while saving energy. Eliminate “hot spots” in your home by usingContinue reading “Energy Efficient Windows”

Seller Moving Tips – #5

Moving Your Plants If you have plants that you wish to take with you, check with your local U.S. Department of Agriculture office to make sure you are not violating any restrictions, especially if you are moving to another part of the country. Once you have determined there is no problem with moving your plants,Continue reading “Seller Moving Tips – #5”