Add $2.6Million in Volume to Your Business

Warning:  this is for hard working real estate consultants.

How would like an additional $2.6 million in volume this year?

How can you make 1300 phone calls per year?

What would you do with 13 more transactions this year?

You can accomplish all three of the above.  The key is to break them down into manageable tasks.  Start with the activity.

1300 phone calls sounds like a lot, no doubt.  But broken down into weekly numbers, that’s only 25 phone calls per week, 5 per day M-F.

What do you call about?  Who do you call?

Clients (past & present), family, friends, colleagues, COI. 

These people are your biggest cheerleaders and supporters.  Talk about what they like to talk about most, themselves.

What life events have occurred in their lives?

How are the kids? How’s baseball?

Call to wish them happy birthday, anniversary, or if a former client happy anniversary for their home. It’s easy to post on someone’s Facebook page, but what will their reaction be if you are one of the few people to actually call, instead of email or FB.

Convert 1% of the 1300 phone calls into referrals or transactions, that’s 13 extra transactions.  At $201,000 per transaction average, there’s your $2.6 million.

It’s up to you.  What do you want out of real estate?

If there is anything I can do to help your real estate business, please let me know.