Focus 1:  Leadership

Focus 2:  Core Values

Focus 3:  Work Life Balance


We’ll discuss recruiting in more depth later; however, by adding new employees you may be motivating your current employees. You may encounter a cultural challenge in regard to the “piece of the pie” mentality.

  • There are those that think by bringing in more employees, sales people, agents, etc.; it cuts into their piece of the pie. It is a common misconception. On the contrary, by bringing in new employees, you are in essence growing the pie to a size where EVERYONE will have more to work.
  • New employees bring new, fresh ideas, creativity, and a fresh perspective. Your current employee base may learn new tactics and implement these ideas, thus increasing their productivity. It also gives you an idea of those current employees who may need more encouragement in regard to accepting change.
  • As your industry changes, are there those that struggle with the change?   What are you doing to help them? More importantly, what are they doing to help themselves?
  • You may have employees that inevitably cannot change, increase, or grow.
  • By bringing in fresh faces, not only are you growing the pie, you are also notifying your current employees that their replacement may be in the mix. A little healthy competition never hurt anyone, especially those that instinctively want to win.


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