Focus 1:  Leadership

Focus 2:  Core Values

Focus 3:  Work Life Balance

Focus 4:  New Team Members

Focus 5:  TRAINING

At the top of most employee issues is training.

  • Are your employees properly trained to do their job effectively and efficiently?
  • Training is a broad term and by one definition is “the process of bringing a person, etc., to an agreed standard of proficiency, etc., by practice and instruction.”

Again, pretty broad.

  • The most important aspect is a clearly defined expectation in regard to training for employees.
  • Are you doing the training that must be done for an employee to do her/his job?
  • Are you providing opportunities and resources for employees to get training above and beyond what they need for their position?

Your company or office will quickly become a destination when you provide valuable training. Do you have a Director of Training, who may provide multiple opportunities for knowledge and growth?

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