Marketing and Activity Ideas for Real Estate and Other Sales Professionals

Marketing and Activity for Real Estate and Other Sales Professionals

Look at your sales prospecting activity like practicing for sporting events, concert, or any other competition.

“A man of ordinary talent will always be ordinary, whether he travels or not; but a man of superior talent will go to pieces if he remains forever in the same place.”

― Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Activity, activity, activity

Here are some proposed activities to generate clients:

    • Weekly phone calls to those with birthdays and anniversaries.
    • Call COI –  make 25 phone calls a week.
    • See Contacting COI blog post on what to say
      • Call COI on these topics.  LISTEN MORE, TALK LESS.  Ask questions.
      • FORD system – this comes up a lot in real estate.
        • Family – what changes have they encountered?  A new child?  Marriage?  Divorce?  Kids moving out? Etc
        • Occupation – how’s the job?  Congratulate on a new job or promotion.  How can you mutually partner with them to get more business for both of you if applicable?
        • Recreation – What do they like to do?
        • Dreams – where this their ultimate destination?  Where do they like to visit?  What are their goals for their family?
  • Hold Open Houses.
    • Daily if you really want to kick start your career.  Since you probably don’t have a listing yet, consult with your broker or other agents in the office, they will be happy that someone holds it Open!
  • Weekly Open Houses on Saturday and Sunday.  Combine Agent Opens with Public Opens.
  • See documents on Open House Protocol
  • Invite Neighbors by calling or sending notes.  See this prior post for engaging neighbors and giving them a chance to “pick their new neighbor”.
  • Send thank you to any that attend your Open.  Add attendees to your contact database.
  • Leave a synopsis of what occurred at the Open for the seller, or if holding another agent’s listing, leave for the agent.
  • Have coffee or lunch twice a week with COI.  Set a budget.
  • Call residents in your Farm area and identify yourself as a neighborhood expert.  Offer to answer any questions for them.  Hold Opens in the Farm areas.
  • Challenge yourself and contact Expired or Cancelled listings.  This takes time and more importantly, persistence.  For more thoughts on contacting Expireds, check out this post:  EXPIREDS
  • Build a follow up system for clients – consult with your broker and see attached documents.
  • Send a copy of HUD statement on January 1st of the following year for any clients.


  • Establish a budget – approximately 10% of anticipated net income.  What will that be?  Set GOALS!
  • Local publications, youth sports sponsorship, promotional items, church bulletins, facebook ads (more on this later), bridal and trade shows, etc.
  • Get in their cell phone via your mobile site.  If you don’t have a mobile compatible web site, you may miss out on a lot of traffic.
  • Social Media strategy – change with the changes
  • Open Houses
  • My Neighborhood Reports
  • Wear your name badge while working at coffee shops – get out of the office and be visible.
  • Put together a marketing calendar
  • Home Buyer/Seller Seminars
  • Wear your name badge
  • Door hangers
  • Volunteer
  • Create a great email signature block and use across all email platforms.  Be consistent with your branding.
  • Check out advertising and ROI

These are just the start.  What other ideas do you have?  Be creative, and be there.

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