Have you ever talked yourself out of a sale?

“I love working with customers.  Sales has really influenced everything I do.  It has instilled in me the important traits of operating with a sense of urgency and listening to people.”
-Jeffrey Immelt,

What do people like talking about the most?

Do they want to sit quietly while you talk to or at them?

Instead of doing a presentation and talking most of the time, perform a listening consultation. How?

Below are some thoughts on how to approach your sales calls so you don’t talk yourself out of a potential sale.


  • Identify Seller needs or avoidances, motivations
  • Present a Marketing Plan or solution based way to assist client
  • Confirm their decision to partner with you
  • Discuss Market Conditions and Positioning

Identifying Seller Needs

  • Build rapport and counsel

Ask OPEN ENDED Questions

Who, What, Why, When, How type questions

Where would you like to move next?

Why sell now?

When would you like to be in __________?

What obstacles must you overcome to get there?

What if you don’t sell?

Have you already identified a property you’d like to move to?

How does your family feel about the move (if applicable)?

What is most important to you?

If I found a buyer today, how soon could you give possession?

Based on the information I dropped off/sent you, how do you feel you should position

your property price wise?

  • Set Expectations

How would they like to communicate and how often?

Text, email, phone, etc.

Discuss common problems related to 4 Reasons property sell:

Price, Location, Condition, Marketing

  • Competitive Points of Difference

What will you do that others won’t? How hard will you work?

Share MLS stats for you, and if new, for your office/broker.

Present your Marketing Plan at this point to show proven systems that work.

What are their expectations of an agent?

How will they be selecting their representative?

What are the most important attributes they are looking for in an agent?

  • Qualify the Seller

Is the listing right for your business?

What have been their experiences selling a property?

Structure of a Consultation         

In this order:

  1. Arrive at the property ON TIME! Don’t show up late, even early. When you arrive early, wait until your appt time to ring the doorbell.
  2. Have a conversation with the seller, as discussed above.
  3. Deliver your marketing plan to solve their problem, accomplish their goals, and discuss/set expectations.
  4. Tour the property. Ask more questions!
  5. Discuss positioning in the market and how the seller feels they should price based on your consultation.  Do they want to position aggressively based on their needs/desires to get to point B?  Are they just curious?  How compelling do they want to be to the market?

Items to always have with you:

  • Interview Document with questions and area to take notes.  It’s okay to use an Interview form, it shows you are organized and been here before!
  • Yard Sign
  • Marketing Plan
  • Tape or Electronic Measure
  • Portable Device with internet access
  • ibox or lockbox – what if they want to list immediately?
  • Professional Attire – look the part.