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October 14, 2015

Real Estate Bingo: You Still Have 2.5 Months Left in 2015

by derekespeer

Real Estate Bingo

Who doesn’t like a good game of bingo, especially if it leads to making some money.  We have put together some basic income producing activities, which you may use to grow your business, be accountable, and have some fun!

Some points to remember:

  1. Don’t over think it.  This is about doing income producing activities, which will lead to more business, more money, and a better holiday season for YOU!
  2. We will rotate the activities each week, with some being constant, just in different squares.
  3. Each week at Meeting, anyone with a BINGO! will receive a free scratcher ticket.  Other prizes will be determined based on participation and how many people play.  Encourage your friends to play along, the more that play, the bigger the prizes!
  4. We will share with each other how/what/when/etc. in relation to our activities at Meeting each week.  For example, if I get a BINGO! with Service to Community, a Buyer Agency, calling COI, etc. (5 in a row); I share what I discussed with COI, how I got the buyer, etc.  Make sense?
  5. Use this as a roadmap for your activity to keep on track, hold yourself and others accountable, and for goodness sakes, HAVE SOME FUN!
  6. A BINGO! can be 5 Across, down, diagonal
  7. If you don’t get a BINGO! in a week, keep at it.  Let’s say you get 3 of 5 in week one, but complete the other 2 for a BINGO! by week three, that’s awesome!
  8. You may have multiple BINGO! cards going at the same time until you get 5 in a row.
  9. We use the honor system around here.
  10. Incorporate these activities in to a business plan for the rest of the year and 2016.  Business planning workshop is scheduled for November 19th at 10am.

If you have questions, please let me know, but again, focus more on your activity than ever before, using this office fun as your benchmark.

Please contact me if you would like real estate bingo for you!


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