Parkville, MO Real Estate Market Update March 2016


  • MEDIAN SALES PRICE – $369,050

    Up 5.9% since last quarter

    For a video on market conditions, or more info, check out my website: Parkville, MO Market Update

Approximately 10 miles from downtown Kansas City, Parkville is a vibrant community known for quiet neighborhoods and dynamic business districts. Parkville’s growing population of approximately 5,500 residents enjoys the Nature Sanctuary and two Tom Watson World Class golf courses. Founded by a veteran of the Texas War of Independence, both Parkville and Park University bear the name of Col. George Park. Founded in 1875, Park University’s Mackay Hall (1893) and Scott Observatory (1896) still overlook the campus and town.

Parkville is served by Park Hill School District and the St. Therese Parish Community.

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I'm a husband, father, Kansas City native, Real Estate Broker, Coach, Mizzou Tiger, sportsfanatic, food enthusiast, and real estate junky.

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