Collectors Edition Football Schedules*

Are you ready for some football?

Be looking in your mail for our collectors edition* Chiefs and local college team football calendar magnets, complete with Monday Night Football schedule on the back!

These magnets make a great addition to any fridge, bar, or freezer.  They even increase your homes value**!  Your significant other will thank you***!  Makes a great gift****!

Look my glamour shot in the eyes every time you get a beer, it’s okay, I’d be right there with you if I could.  In fact, when you get our magnet, it’s like you have a permanent drinking buddy at all times!

Hide the magnets and play games with your friends.  Who knows, maybe it will be as popular as PokemonGo*****!

If you’re not on our mailing list, contact me with your address, and I’ll send you one.

Chiefs Schedule


*not really a collectors item.  If it is a collectors item for you, or you collect our direct mail pieces, contact me.  I need to either hire you, take you out to lunch, or file a restraining order.

**ridiculous claim and not at all accurate.

***no they won’t.

****you’re cheap if you give these away as gifts, but I like it.

*****delusional claim.

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I'm a husband, father, Kansas City native, Real Estate Broker, Coach, Mizzou Tiger, sportsfanatic, food enthusiast, and real estate junky.

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