We want to sell, but where will we go?


Now is a great to time to sell your real estate.  Period.

With the low real estate inventory, you’re selling high, cashing in on supply and demand, maximizing your ROI, which is terrific.  After you sell your current property, you have to move, somewhere right? Timing a sale with nowhere to go can be frustrating, stressful, and maybe even difficult on your family and kids.

We have recently been exploring a new solution for this predicament.  So far, it is working with great results.

If you find yourself saying: “we want to sell, BUT…”, we want to help you.  With some strategy and hard work on our part, we’ll help maximize your ROI, reduce the stress, and find that next home.

Contact us for a free consultation to see if this strategy will work for you and your situation.  We strategize and create custom solutions for every client’s specific needs and challenges.

Derek Espeer Real Estate Services

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