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July 15, 2017

You’re Thinking About Selling: Now What?

by derekespeer

Some Items Your Real Estate Adviser/Consultant Should Address:
• How to help you understand the process and details of selling a property
• How to educate you on all the facets of a real estate transaction
• The sale of your home is a business decision
• Real Estate Market trends
• How you may net more money

Some tips in selecting a real estate professional:
• Give them a phone call. How professionally does he/she answer?
• Evaluate their support structure. Some have teams, but does that mean you will be pawned off at first opportunity or get to spend more time with the team lead?
• Does he/she tell you what you want to hear or need to hear?
• Ask about what you could do to add value or increase your ROI.
• Get prequalified or approved buyers.
• Get a net sheet.
• View their marketing plan. Most professionals have a checklist/plan to follow. What customizations will he/she do to get your property sold?
• Does he/she have a telemarketing plan? How does he/she engage your neighbors to help find buyers? After all, wouldn’t it be great to pick your own neighbors?
• How well does he/she negotiate his/her own commission? This will be a sure sign of how he/she negotiates your money when the time comes. If he/she can’t negotiate his/her own money, how can you expect them to negotiate yours?

As with most times in life, you’ll get what you pay for.

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