Real Estate Buying Mistakes – #2

Thinking:  “I can’t afford a house.”

Many people feel that they cannot afford a home, but affording a home has never been easier! Mortgage rates are more flexible today than in years past, and you may be able to benefit from current tax laws.

Homeownership is a durable investment. Although no one can say if a specific home will appreciate in value, generally speaking, the odds favor the homeowner in the long run.

Numerous tax advantages are available to homeowners. The thousands of potential dollars you pay in interest on your primary residence are tax deductible. This tax deduction alone can sometimes make owning a home cheaper than renting.

Check with your accountant about applicable real estate tax deductions and the potential benefits of homeownership, and consult with a mortgage lending professional about current interest rates and loan programs.

Affordable home ownership may be a good option for you. Contact me today to discuss your options.

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