Real Estate Buying Mistakes – #4

Failing to get pre-qualified or pre-approved for a mortgage

Don’t waste hours searching for a home that is not in your price range!

  • Save time and money by pre-qualifying for a loan first.
  • The pre-qualification process is simple. A lender will ask you basic questions concerning your financial history, run a credit report, and determine your buying power.
  • Pre-qualification not only helps establish your affordability range, but also strengthens your negotiation position by letting the seller know you are serious and well qualified to buy their home.
  • To be absolutely certain that you can be approved for a loan, you may want to be “pre-approved.” In the pre-approval process, all of your documentation is completed and submitted to an underwriter often before you find the home you want to purchase.
  • The pre-approval that you will receive is an actual loan commitment from a lender – your guarantee of loan approval.
  • Many times there will be terms tied to the pre-approval, such as no change in work status, credit lines, etc.

You deserve peace of mind and stronger negotiating power by getting pre-qualified or pre-approved for a loan before you make an offer.

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