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Welcome to a Co-working/Collaborative environment that is designed to impress!  Whether you are a small business owner looking for meeting space for client meetings, or a business looking for a fantastic layout for your business, we have you covered.

The concept of co-working assists your business in being more mobile and having luxurious space to meet with clients and coworkers. Network with other professionals in various industries with this space, or lease the entire building yourself.

Why a shared, co-working, collaborative work environment?  Here are a few reasons why you should consider:

  • Choice Management (formerly known as Time Management). In an attempt to limit excuses, get more done, and still be accessible, I converted to Choice Management instead of Time.  Why?  A great business coach, Dan Schoepf of Prospects to Partners, taught me long ago: “We all have 24 hours today, 168 this week, etc.  What will you do with those hours?”  Ultimately, it’s your choice.

Business has become very mobile.  Client convenience and comfort, in a professional environment, is part of your business.  There are growing numbers of entrepreneurs, independent contractors, and corporate business that recognize flexibility in choice management will ultimately lead to higher production.  Ever have an 8 hour work day and end up asking yourself, “What did I actually get done today?”

  • Increase Your Referral Network & Social Interaction. Do you love working with a diverse group of people?  Ideas and creativity thrive without restrictions and constraints.  How could your business thrive with new ideas and creativity?  Let’s start a referral network machine, together.


  • Training Programs. With a state of the art training room, how could a client appreciation party, seminar, or training help your business?  Are you an expert in your field?  Impress your prospects with one of your seminars at the space.


  • Small Business, Big Possibilities. As a small business owner, office rent is one of the higher overheads you will encounter.  In real estate, even with 100 agents in an office, there are times you could fire a cannon through the office and not hit anyone.  Why?  It’s a mobile, people business, just like yours.  How much space do you really need?  If it’s between 10 and 13,000 square feet, we need to talk.

Please contact us for more details, pricing, and/or consultation to assess how we can assist your business and meet your needs.  Membership starts as little as $150/month.

Visit for more pictures, tour, info, and/or to contact us.

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