Live with Purpose

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Who has made the most impact on your career?

Many times, someone doesn’t know how much you appreciate their assistance unless you tell them and thank them.  This post is a thank you to two of three of the most influential mentors of my career.

Mark your calendar:  September 21, 2017 1-5PM, Overland Park Convention Center – sign up here

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Do you desire a life of purpose, success, happiness and fulfillment?

Are you looking for ideas to unlock your full-potential and get to the next level of success and happiness?

Are you ready to transform your life into the one you DREAM of?

I strongly recommend you attend this event/experience:  Live with Purpose

Just a little of what we’ll experience:

  • The path of change that leads to a life of purpose
  • How to eliminate negativity in your life
  • A plan to comfortably escape your comfort zone
  • How to accurately self-assess and become the best version of yourself
  • What holds most people back and what makes others successful
  • Keys to living in an abundance mentality
  • Importance of goals and expectations in your success formula


Tara Renze, speaker and presenter, was hands down one of the best Sales Manager I’ve worked for.  Always upbeat and positive, she was there to drive us harder in a sales job that was very demanding.  Never fake, always genuine, I look forward to seeing her at this event.

Tara has a relentless passion to inspire others and get the best out of them.  You will easily get your investment back in laughter, ideas, getting outside your comfort zone, and much more.

Dan Schoepf stands as the most influential person in my career.  He took me from an entry level salesman to where I am today.  Anytime he has a new book, I get it and read it.  Anytime he has an event like this, I want to attend.  Anytime I have a question, he volunteers suggestions and motivation.

Dan is one of the best story tellers you’ll encounter.  He, too, is one of the most motivating and positive people out there.  If Dan can assist some of the top companies in the city, don’t you think he could help you move to the next level?

For more information and to sign up:  Live with Purpose with Tara Renze and Dan Schoepf

Please let me know if you’ll attend, I’ll save you a seat.