Outdoor Lighting

Adding outdoor lighting to your house can add appeal, as well as safety, to your home. You can dramatically change the landscape of your home with a lighting plan that accents the features of your house.

  • Start by walking your yard and paths around your home to find ideas of where lighting would be beneficial.
  • Above doorways and along dark sides of your home can benefit from lighting and discourage crime, making your neighborhood a safer place.
  • Walk through your neighborhood and take note of what type of lighting you are drawn to that your neighbors have on their homes.
  • When creating your plan, pick a focal point such as the main entrance or large trees.
  • Focus a light on your house numbers or go online to find numbers that are already backlit.
  • Make your lighting system low maintenance by connecting your lights to an indoor switch or set up on a timer.

Use these tips to start a rough sketch of your lighting plan today.

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I'm a husband, father, Kansas City native, Real Estate Broker, Coach, Mizzou Tiger, sportsfanatic, food enthusiast, and real estate junky.

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