Recycling Tips

Recycling saves energy, landfill space and natural resources. Recycling at home requires little time, and offers significant benefit to the homeowner and the environment.

According to the EPA, the national recycling rate in the US is only 30%. If that number were to increase to 60%, it could save the equivalent of 315 million barrels of oil per year. Recycling is a great way individuals can make a difference, both in their community and on a global level. Start recycling in your home today! Here are some tips:

  • Visit your local recycling center and find out what materials they accept for recycling. To find the recycling center nearest you, call: 1 800-CLEANUP.
  • Get storage bins. The success to home recycling is the storage bin setup. After you know which materials to recycle, set up a storage bin system. Once your system is set up, recycling is easy!
  • Buy products with the highest percentage of “post-consumer” recycled content.
  • Clean your bottles and cans before putting them in the recycling bin. This prevents flies both at home and the recycling station.
  • Put a ‘no junk mail’ sticker on your mailbox.