Removing Wallpaper

We’ve all been there, where you have walked into a room and felt overwhelmed by the floral print wallpaper that was popular 30 years ago. It’s been said by many realtors, to look past the wallpaper. Are you ready to tackle that project? It can be done! Follow these steps to get the best results.

  • Run a scoring tool in overlapping circles over the entire surface of the wallpapered
  • Make a solution of two gallons of warm water and two ounces of wallpaper stripping solution
  • While wearing rubber gloves, soak wallpaper-removing fabric in the bucket of stripper solution, wring out the fabric, and press the wet fabric on the wall
  • Smooth out the fabric and continue to apply sheets of wet fabric until the whole wall is covered
  • Using a small pump sprayer, apply more stripping solution to the fabric on the wall
  • After 20 minutes, pull the fabric sheets off the wall and back into the bucket for the next wall
  • Then you can begin to peel the wallpaper from the wall, if it doesn’t release cleanly, spray more solution onto the wallpaper
  • After wallpaper is removed, scrub the walls with a scouring sponge soaked in the solution to remove any sticky residue

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