Being Together for The Super Big Game

My how things change over 10 years when you add kids to the mix. 10 years ago, I would have been prepartying for the super big game party about this time of day.

Now, I’m reading articles on ways to keep kids entertained and food recipes. Involving the whole family, especially for a game I could care less about this year (yes, Tom Brady killed me again in fantasy semifinals this year, and the Eagles coach fell off Reid’s tree and they are in the Super Bowl. If you’re a huge Chiefs fan like us, you know why I’m pouting and don’t have much enthusiasm for who wins).

Back to being positive and involving the whole fam, here’s a good read I found with some party ideas. Whether you have kids around or not, I hope you find something you like. Please share what you like doing for the big super game!

Super Big Game Party Ideas