Electronic Signatures – Safe? Secure? How does it work?

Has your agent shared a document with you via dotloop and you don't know where to start?

Do you have an email address or are willing to set one up for electronic signatures?

Just like most things in the business world and communications in general, the key word is communication.

Have you been approached about using Dotloop, an electronic signature program for your real estate needs or other?

We’ve created a link to some FAQ as it relates to dotloop, its functionality, utilizing, printing, downloading, and other items.

Why use Dotloop?

  • Ease of use
  • Fast – in today’s real estate market, and world in general, most things are wanted/needed yesterday (not literally, that’s for effect)
  • Secure – you will receive archived documents, downloadable documents, copies for your records
  • Timestamped
  • Documents cannot be edited once a party signs, otherwise, it wipes all signatures to notify changes were attempted
  • Dotloop documents cannot be deleted, only archived.  Compared with the Boiler Room (great movie) shred bins

For more info, visit our Resources page:  https://aspirerealestategroupkc.com/resources