ASPIRE Real Estate Group Goes International – What does it mean to you?

juwai headerJuwai

We are excited to announce our international presence via BHHS partner,  Check out our website:

Why did I explore having a presence with (in China, a broad, in US)?

  • #1 Chinese International Property Portal
  • $40BILLION (USD) in property sales in 2017
  • 65% of purchases were cash
  • 2.2 Million visitors/month
  • 196 Countries, 326 cities in China
  • 2.8 Million property listings in 90 Country
  • Translator Available (I don’t speak Chinese, but Juwai teaches me vocab)

In China:

• No Facebook, Twitter, lnstagram, YouTube, Google or WhatsApp
• Many sites are blocked and/or load at excessively slow speed
• Only dual-hosted sites are visible inside and outside of China
• Unlicensed VPNs will be completely banned and blocked from 31 March 2018 onwards

What does it mean?

• China’s government blocks certain websites not hosted in China
• Even if an internationally hosted site is not blocked, because of the complex checks China conducts, the site can experience extremely slow load time
• This creates a poor or unbearable experience for Chinese buyers looking at overseas websites is hosted on both sides of China’s Firewall.  Therefore, Chinese buyers – based in China or travelling or living abroad – can search without such disruption.

For more information on how we get your property in front of more buyers, please contact us.