Curb Appeal – A First Impression

You know that the exterior of your home is the first thing people see.  What are your neighbors or prospective buyers seeing when they drive by your house… a mailbox hanging for its life off its post?  Dying grass? Peeling paint?

Use these few, simple ideas to spruce up your curb appeal.

Take Care of Landscaping

In addition to a well groomed lawn, a well thought out, planned landscape goes a long way.  Save money by planning out your ideas to make your exterior fun and inviting.  Try picking a theme for your new plant additions (tropical, perennials, annuals, etc.).  Incorporate the colors of your landscaping with the colors of your home. 

 Update Hardware

An inexpensive, quick fine tuning of hardware will go a long way.  Get new house numbers to match your landscaping, a new mailbox to match the numbers, and a new door latch to match all of it.  Be creative, but make sure you’re prepared to change these items if your tastes don’t match what potential buyers may expect. 

Front Door Make-Up

Add beauty with an antique door.  Add pizzazz with some faux painting.  Or, if you’re like the rest of us, a fresh coat of paint will cover up those door dings, grimy fingerprints, and/or weather related aging. 

Outdoor Lighting

The planned installation of solar outdoor lighting can increase the interest in your home, in addition to adding safety for you and your guests.  Keep a path of lights to your door and accent your new landscaping. 

Uncle Sam Sending You a Refund?

If you are expecting some money back from your tax return, you may replace damaged siding, install new siding, and/or add architectural highlights such as balconies, a new porch, or decorative shutters. 

As always, if you’re concerned about the return on your investment for any items of your home, consult with a professional.  Most professionals will provide a free estimate of what to expect.  Check future newsletters for advice on selecting reliable, honest contractors.