Win Some, Lose Some; Either Way You Learn


Ever fallen flat on your face when you attempted something? Maybe it was the first time fixing dinner…or fixing that leaky faucet…or installing a new light switch…

We have all failed at some point or another, but how we handle defeat is more important than how we handle success.

Same is true for how you go about selling your house. There are certain principles at work, and how you implement these principles will more than likely dictate whether you sit or sell.

I’ve received some feedback and inquiries on how to price a home. My first recommendation is and always will be to consult a professional. Further, consult a full-time real estate professional. Experience certainly helps, but how the agent handles information and data is most important.

As we ride this real estate superhighway, we’ll discuss some of the principles which dictate real estate value and ultimately your list or purchase price.

Visit me here occasionally to review these principles. Whether you are interested or not, at some point, you’ll be selling or buying a home. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.