Get up to 87% ROI on This Home Update

I hope you’re sitting down right now, because the excitement will be more than you can bear!

We recently made an improvement to our house which will hopefully save on utility costs, give us better curb appeal, make less noise, and will be utilized on a daily basis.

What’s your guess?

According the National Association of Realtors home improvement site, replacing a garage door is a cost-effective improvement/update.

Garage Door

We didn’t realize how many options there were to replace our rapidly deteriorating wooden garage door.  It was loud, heavy, and heat penetrated warped panels like a humid Kansas City summer.

Utility Costs

Does anyone else receive those energy efficiency comparisons from your electric utility company, that compare you to your neighbors?  We do about once a month, and every month it reminds us that we are basically deadbeats compared to our neighbors with our energy use.  We don’t need to replace our A/C or furnace yet (knock on wood), so we looked to improve the garage door.

It has been over a week now, and we can tell some difference in the heat in the garage.  It is still about 10 degrees warmer than the inside temperature (it is a garage after all), but hopefully as the summer progresses, we will see some relief for the bedrooms over the garage.

Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is a huge deal for your house.  We’ve posted before about some common curb appeal updates (Check them out here!).  In the post you’ll find some common items to address, and shamefully we did not include a garage door.

Aside from your front door, the garage door is probably the most noticed attribute of your house.  There are numerous ways to spruce up your curb appeal, but a new garage door will be noticed immediately.  We have already been asked by several neighbors who installed it, how we like it, etc.


According to the NAR website, a garage door can return up to approximately 87% when it comes to selling and recouping your cost.  That’s a pretty good return considering your immediate savings on utilities.

Who do we recommend for Kansas City Metro area?

Check out Right Track Garage Door and tell them Derek Espeer sent you!


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