Seller Moving Tips – #3

Moving Day

Moving day will no doubt be an extremely busy time, so create a checklist to ensure all goes smoothly. Consider the following ideas:

  • Pack a personal travel bag containing a small supply of bath supplies, grooming items, change of clothing, etc. and keep it with your during the move.
  • Load immediate needed items such as a small tool kit, kitchen and cleaning supplies, bedding, bath items, to the back of the moving truck so you can access them as soon as the moving truck arrives at the new house.
  • Make sure you keep your important documents, jewelry and other valuables with you.
  • Check your kitchen drawers/cabinets, closets, shelves, basement, and attic once the moving truck is loaded to make sure you have not left anything behind.
  • Verify your flight is on schedule if traveling by air.
  • Collecting all house keys so they can be given to the new owners.

Please call or email me if you have any questions or needs.