Prevent Plumbing Problems

No one wants to have to call a plumber; not only can that be a messy experience, but also a pricey one. To help prevent having to make that call, here is a list of common plumbing problems and how you can avoid them.

  • Water heater: If your home has hard water your water heater may need to be drained to remove build up on the bottom of the tank. If this sediment isn’t cleaned out, it can clog water lines making your water heater less efficient.
  • Toilet: Don’t just flush anything, be selective about what goes down your toilet. The only item that you should flush is toilet paper. Items that can clog your toilet and cause a problem are cotton balls, cleaning wipes, and trash. These items are not made to dissolve and some will actually expand in water. If your toilet starts to overflow, shut off the water supply until you can call a plumber.
  • Kitchen Sink: The kitchen sink gets clogged when you put in items that shouldn’t go in the sink, such as grease, fats, and cooking oil. These items will clog your sink because they stick to pipes and solidify when they cool, which causes blockage. Avoid pouring these items down the sink, instead pour them into a can or bottle to thrown away. Occasionally pouring boiling water down the sink can help melt and wash away built up grease.
  • Shower drain: Hair is the primary reason why a shower drain gets clogged since hair doesn’t dissolve in water. Using a shower strainer will help trap hair before it goes down the drain.

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