ASPIRE Group Welcomes Shawn Blair

“We are excited to welcome Shawn to our team,” says Derek Espeer. “I’ve know and been great friends with Shawn for a long time, and he exemplifies the type of professional and negotiator we strive for in our Group. His combination of real estate and law expertise will be a huge asset not only to us, but more importantly, our clients.”

About Shawn:

Shawn is a Kansas City native who graduated from Oak Park High School, University of Missouri at Columbia, and Washington University in St. Louis School of Law.  Shawn obtained his real estate license in 2014 to add to his law degree he earned in 2003.  Shawn lives in Jackson County and has offices in Clay and Platte County. Shawn is the municipal judge for one city in Clay County and one city in Platte County.

Shawn spends his working hours assisting clients in a variety of real estate and legal matters. With regard to real estate, Shawn enjoys assisting others find their perfect home and negotiate the best price. Shawn’s legal background allows him to explain virtually all situations that arise during the purchase of a home. Shawn is an experienced negotiator whose insight assists clients in getting the home they want under the best possible circumstances. Shawn also enjoys assisting clients sell their home in a way to assure his clients enjoy the experience as much as possible and sell under the best conditions.

With regard to legal matters, Shawn assists clients in the legal areas of personal injury, family law, traffic/dwi law, and criminal defense. 

If you would like to set up a free consultation, please contact Shawn at 816-686-1462 or visit his page:

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