Come Sale Away – Maybe It’s Time

I love driving around during an Open House Celebration and seeing all of the ReeceNichols pointers and Open signs. During my cruisin’, I’ve also noticed a tremendous opportunity for getting listings. When we promote an Open House, it is a great idea to inform the neighbors you will be holding it Open. In essence, weContinue reading “Come Sale Away – Maybe It’s Time”

Add $2.6Million in Volume to Your Business

Warning:  this is for hard working real estate consultants. How would like an additional $2.6 million in volume this year? How can you make 1300 phone calls per year? What would you do with 13 more transactions this year? You can accomplish all three of the above.  The key is to break them down intoContinue reading “Add $2.6Million in Volume to Your Business”

Real Estate 101 – Supply & Demand

I remember sitting glassy eyed in Econ 4 while at the University of Missouri. A rough night of doing god knows what made it hard to focus… Clearly I was oblivious to the importance of such a concept of Suppy & Demand in regard to economics. Oh, how I wish I could go back andContinue reading “Real Estate 101 – Supply & Demand”

Win Some, Lose Some; Either Way You Learn

Ever fallen flat on your face when you attempted something? Maybe it was the first time fixing dinner…or fixing that leaky faucet…or installing a new light switch… We have all failed at some point or another, but how we handle defeat is more important than how we handle success. Same is true for how youContinue reading “Win Some, Lose Some; Either Way You Learn”

Real Estate Sellers PRICE IS RIGHT

Next seller, COME ON DOWN! Who doesn’t want as much money as possible when you decide to sell your home? Positioning right is the first step. Positioning too low may leave some money on the table. But, someone pricing too low is not very common… Instead, positioning too high is most common. To simplify it,Continue reading “Real Estate Sellers PRICE IS RIGHT”

Curb Appeal – A First Impression

You know that the exterior of your home is the first thing people see.  What are your neighbors or prospective buyers seeing when they drive by your house… a mailbox hanging for its life off its post?  Dying grass? Peeling paint? Use these few, simple ideas to spruce up your curb appeal. Take Care ofContinue reading “Curb Appeal – A First Impression”